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How to Trim My Baby's Nails?

When you look at those soft little hands you get worried about how to trim your baby’s nails. Each mom has the same feelings. Would I injure my baby’s finger by mistake? How can I make my child to stay still while cutting his nails? Or how long can I let his nails grow? What is the best way to cut his nails?

Don’t worry; here are some tips on how to trim your baby’s nails successfully:

  • The best time to cut your baby’s nails is after a bath. The nails are soft and easy to cut; also your baby will be less cranky. Some moms do prefer to cut the nails when the baby is asleep. Be careful not to wake your baby up. Wait until he has slept the most of his nap and cut his nails. If he wakes up he would be calm.

  • Buy special scissors or clipper for babies. They have rounded edges that protect from accidents.

  • Doctors recommend cutting the nails weekly and the toes nails each month.

  • While cutting, insert the clipper between the nail and the skin. Be careful to pull the skin away with your finger. You are only cutting the nails!

  • If an accident happens, clean the injured surface with an antiseptic, and gently apply a pressure till the bleeding stops. Usually it heals quickly.

  • Always cut the nails straight. Do not cut the edges. There is a risk of having an ingrown nail.

  • In case you have an ingrown nail, it is preferable to free the nail out and apply a warm wet towel to sooth the pain. You can clean it with an antiseptic.

Always pick the time where your baby is calm to trim his nails. You can sing to him to calm him down. With practice you will be an expert!

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