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How to Teach My Child to Ride a Bicycle

Every parent will ask one day the question how to teach kids to ride a bicycle. Most of the parents are uncertain about how to start the teaching process. To teach kids to ride a bicycle, there are several basic skills he should learn which are: pedaling, steering and balancing; these skills will let him operate a bicycle. You should know that once you teach kids to ride a bicycle, they will never forget it!

Your child’s first bicycle should be a tricycle that will be his first step to learn how to ride a bicycle. You can buy a tricycle for your baby even before he starts to walk. Riding a tricycle teaches kids steering and then pedaling. Once your child perfectly manages to ride a tricycle, you can buy him a small bicycle with training wheels; this usually happens at the age of 3 years old. You should know how to use the training wheels correctly.

First of all, when teaching a child to ride a bicycle with training wheels, it should happen on a safe flat place without any hills.

Second, the training wheels shouldn’t both touch the ground at once, and after the child has learn pedaling, steering and braking, the training wheels should be raised slightly, a bit at a time. It is recommended to do it without informing your child; he won’t even notice it. This way, the bicycle will become more and more tippy and the child will automatically learn to balance. With practice, you will notice that your child becomes more and more comfortable riding his bike; and you will also notice that the training wheels are most of the time off the ground. And one day will come where the training wheels obviously stop doing anything and you can easily remove them!

Spring is here; the weather is warm; and it is the perfect time to start teaching your child to ride a bicycle!

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