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How to Clean My Baby's Ears?

Ear wax, a substance created in the ear that repels us. Usually we think that it is formed from air pollution or from dirt. Surprisingly ear wax or cerumen is formed in the outer part of the ear canal. Its main function is to catch dirt and block it from getting to the inner ear. It works as well as a lubricating and protects the ear from infection.

If you want to clean your child’s ear, below are some tips to follow:

  • Do not enter cotton swab into your child’s ear. The cotton fibers may stick to the ear and block it inducing infection.

  • If you are afraid of earwax accumulation, you can clean just the opening of the ear with a cotton swab moistened with warm water. Be careful not to push the wax inside and not to slide the cotton swab inside the ear. You might puncture the eardrum.

  • If you notice a hearing problem, call your doctor. Your child ear might have accumulated ear wax in the inner ear that necessitates the doctor intervention.

  • Never put cotton swabs on a low surface. Keep them away from your child. They might try to insert them in their ears causing a puncture of the eardrum.

Your child’s ear does not need to be cleaned regularly. Usually earwax gets out by itself. Be careful when using cotton swabs!

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