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How Long Should Your Child Wait to Swim after Eating?

A myth or a fact, our parents use to forbid us from swimming after eating. Some say that we need to wait half an hour and others a minimum of one hour. How long should our kids wait before swimming again?

Apparently we had never asked a specialist about the fact of swimming on a full tummy. Believes are that the body would not be able to supply enough blood to the arms and legs muscles to function properly since the blood flow increases in the digestive system to help absorb nutrients. In reality, the body has enough supply of oxygen to cover all its parts nevertheless swimming on a full tummy would create a minor stomach cramps but would not lead to drowning.

Contrary to old believes you don’t need to wait for an hour to let your child jump into the swimming pool; however you can use this time as a pretext to:

  • Make your child rest after eating to avoid any discomfort and vomiting.

  • Take it a time to rest and eat calmly without keeping an eye on the swimming pool.

  • Keep your kids away from the sun heat at noon time.

It is vital to recognize what to offer for your kids and when to eat it. Your kids need energy. You cannot keep food away. It is important to know that swimming on a full tummy will cause stomach cramps but in reality no cramps lead to drowning. If your child experiences a minor cramp, take him out of the pool and make him rest for some time. He can return to swim whenever he feels better. According to the Red Cross Association, no specific time is needed to wait before going to swim but engaging in tough activities after eating directly would lead to cramps and discomfort.

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