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Goodbye Baby Teeth!

Losing the baby teeth – also called primary teeth – is a sign of becoming a big kid, and it’s one of the special moments of each kid’s childhood. Some children are excited to lose their baby teeth when others are nervous and a bit scared. Help your child to overcome this scary moment and make it a very special milestone!

First of all, every parent should know the basic information about baby teeth. You should know that your child’s baby teeth will begin to fall out on their own at about the age of 6, in order to make room for permanent teeth. This timing can vary, but usually the last baby tooth falls out by the age of 12 or 13.

Baby teeth usually fall out in the order in which they erupted:

  1. The two bottom front teeth (lower central incisors)

  2. The two top front teeth (upper central incisors)

  3. The lateral incisors

  4. The first molars

  5. The canines and the second molars

To pull out a loose tooth, grasp it firmly with a tissue and remove it with a quick twist; if it’s resistant, wait a few days and try again. In case it remains resistant, check with your child’s dentist who might recommend to wait more or to extract the tooth in his dental office.

As we have already said, loosing baby teeth is a very special occasion, and what makes it more special is the famous “tooth fairy”! Parents usually leave a small amount of money under the child’s pillow in exchange for the tooth that has been lost, as if the money is from the “tooth fairy” that came at night and took the lost tooth. To make it a special event, purchase a small velvet pouch the “tooth fairy” would surely like, let your child put his/her lost tooth in it, and leave it on his/her night table. In the morning, he/she will be surprised and happy to find in the pouch an amount of money and not the tooth!

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