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Going on Holiday with Your Baby

If you decide to have a family break and spend your holiday abroad, you should never think that your baby will be an obstacle! It is true that taking your baby on holiday can be a bit stressful, especially for a first time parent, but with the right kind of holiday and some careful preparations you will all have an amazing break!

First of all you have to choose your destination considering how baby friendly it is! Some statistics have shown that the top 5 destinations for going on holiday with a baby are the following:

  1. France

  2. England

  3. Spain

  4. Greece

  5. The USA

These 5 destinations are enormously accommodating towards families and babies!

As much as traveling with your baby can be fun, it is also kind of tough when it comes to packing! You should really not forget anything! To make sure that you haven’t left anything behind, take a look at the following lists:

Your handbag must contain:

  • Diapers: take plenty of diapers even if you think that you won’t need them all! You never know when a flight is delayed.

  • Wipes: essential for cleaning your baby’s bottom and also great for cleaning hands, faces, and even blotting stains and spills.

  • Plastic bags: for disposing dirty diapers or storing wet clothes.

  • Changing pad and rash cream

  • Food and drinks: make sure you have enough of baby food, breast milk, formula, water and juice, in a cooler bag to last through unexpected travel delays. Have a snack and a bottle of water for you too, especially if you’re breastfeeding.

  • Bibs: to protect your baby’s clothes.

  • Camera: take plenty of pictures of your little one on his/her first trip.

  • Entertainment: to keep you baby happy and calm make sure you have with you soft books, toys, and your baby’s favorite blanket.

  • Extra clothes: these are essential in case any accident happens! Don’t forget to have a sweater or jacket to warm your baby in the air conditioning climate.

Your baby’s suitcase must contain:

  • Day clothes: your baby will need one to two outfits per day and bring some extras for emergencies.

  • Pajamas: one set of pajamas per day is good but having some extra is never wrong.

  • Sunscreen and a hat with a wide brim

  • Bibs: you might need some more bibs than the ones you have in your handbag.

  • Baby’s toiletry: your baby should have his/her own shampoo, soap, brush, comb, nail clippers and toothbrush.

  • Swim suit and swim diapers

  • Extra diapers and wipes

Last but not least you should always remember to have with you a travel first aid kit that contains:

  • Medications: such as those for fevers, cold, teething. Be sure you carry the proper dispenser (spoon or dropper) for each medicine.

  • Emergency Info: your pediatrician’s phone number should be always with you.

  • Thermometer

  • Bandages

  • Calamine lotion: for bug bites and/or rashes.

  • Nasal Aspirator: a bulb aspirator that makes breathing easier for your baby.

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