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Decorate Your Newborn Baby's Room

After having all the items you want to include to your baby’s room, it’s time to think of decoration! Compared to concerns about work, childcare and schedules, decorating your newborn baby’s room is a joy instead of a task!

Choose for your baby the décor that will make him/her feel himself/herself in heaven while being in his/her bedroom!

Follow the tips below and make your baby’s nursery a charming space:

  • Choose a theme for your baby’s room; this will help you decide on appropriate accessories, paints and window treatments.

  • Decide on a color and let it be calming and soothing; you can also use more than one color for the room. Remember that it’s important to paint the walls well in advance of your baby’s arrival so that the room has the time to air out!

  • While choosing the theme and the colors, think for a room that may last through childhood. Knowing that your baby will grow up very fast, don’t give his/her room too much of a baby feel, but maintain a style that might be great for both babies and preschoolers.

  • Decide on the flooring; you will have to choose between carpet, wood or tile flooring, so keep in mind that carpets contain fibers that can be harmful for breathing and can fill the room with dust particles. However, wood floors have no carpet fibers and are much easier to clean!

  • Knowing that your baby will spend most of his/her time laying on his/her back, choose a decoration for the ceiling. Your baby will enjoy it once his/her vision is well developed.

  • It is a fact that parents often spend a number of nights in the nursery with their baby, whether rocking him/her to sleep, or, later on, reading him/her bedtime stories. For that reason it is important to make a room for you in your baby’s nursery by including to it a rocking chair or simply a comfortable chair where the parent and the child will spend their bonding hours.

Enjoy this creative process and keep in mind that your baby’s safety and comfort should be your first priorities!

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