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Cleaning Soft Baby Toys

After trailing her teddy bear around the floor all day long, my baby keeps chewing its ear until falling asleep! And this is the case with all her other toys!

Kids adore playing with soft toys, but unfortunately their playing includes keeping these toys in their mouths, which poses a big problem for moms: how to keep these toys clean?

The ideal plush toys are those that are machine washable; they won’t cause you any problem because you know they are easy to clean. However, not all soft toys can be washed in the machine especially those that have squeakers and rattles inside them. In this case, we advise surface cleaning with a soft cloth that has been dipped into some warm soapy water. Gently rub the cuddly toy all over with your soft cloth. Once you have gently washed all over, you need to scrub down with a cloth that is only dipped into water so that you can also remove the soap effectively from your cuddly toy.

How to dry my baby’s soft toys after cleaning them?

Sometimes it is written on the toy that it can be dried in a dryer, but sometimes when a toy comes out of the dryer, it has a lot of fluffs and might not look like it was before which will disappoint your child. This is why we advise you to hang your baby’s cleaned toys on the washing line and let them dry naturally!

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