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Choose the Right Flotation Device

Until your child will perfectly learn how to swim, it is crucial for him/her to wear a proper flotation device to safeguard his/her life! This is why selecting the right flotation device for your child is very important!

You will be amazed by the huge variety of baby floats, rings, vests and arm bands in the shops. Your job is to select the right device for your child!

When your baby is in his/her first two years of life, the best flotation device to use is the float ring that has a seat, for your baby to be maximum safe and comfortable. These seats often come with a built-in shade that protects your baby from harmful sun rays.

When your baby grows up a little, he/she won’t need the seat anymore and can use simple float rings. These come in different shapes; they can be simply rings, or can take the shape of a star, a fish, or anything else. The important thing is to choose the ring that is not too small or too large, for your baby to feel secure and comfortable!

Starting from the age of 4, when it’s time to start to learn how to swim, flotation vests are ideal for your child. They will help him/her to improve confidence in water. While using a flotation vest, always test it for buoyancy in shallow water before taking it into deep water: it should keep your child’s chin out of the water.

Finally, when your child becomes very comfortable in the water and can almost swim, you can buy for him/her arm band floats that are very good swim aids. Just make sure that their size fits well your child’s arms!

Remember the most important thing: keep a close eye on your child whenever he/she is near water! Even if your child is wearing a flotation device he/she should be always closely supervised!

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