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Change a Nappy

Changing a nappy is not a as hard as you can imagine. Lots of new parents fear this step and especially dads! Once you get used to it and with all the new nappies technology, this process would become as easy as you can imagine. Here are some tips to help you go through this process.

How do I change a nappy?

  • Wash your hands first and put your baby on the changing table.

  • Undress his bottom and open the diaper.

  • Lift his bottom by holding his legs between the ankles. Use the upper half of the nappy to sweep the poop or wee down. Fold the dirty diaper and remove it from under your baby bottom. Throw it in the garbage.

  • While opening the diaper you might have to wait for a second before removing it. The fresh air on your baby’s tummy would make him pee!

  • Clean your baby’s bottom with wet wipes.

  • Wash your baby’s bottom with soap and warm water using the sponge. Dry it very well. You can use the running water of a tab if your changing table is in the bathroom.

  • Leave your baby’s bottom in the air for a while.

  • Apply some cream or lotion if your baby has rash.

  • Get a clean diaper, open it and slide it under your baby’s bottom. The edge with the tapes should be on the back behind your baby’s waist. Bring the diaper towards his tummy between his legs and secure it with the tapes. You should be able to pass your finger easily between the diaper and your baby’s tummy.

  • If your newborn’s baby still has the clip of his umbilical cord, fold the diapers away from it so that it doesn’t irritate the surface.

  • Dress him back; give him a hug and a kiss.

  • Secure your baby in his chair then clean the changing table and wash your hands.


  • Always make sure to have everything ready before you start.

  • Keep a set of changing in your bag when you go out with your baby.

  • Do not leave your baby unattended on a high surface.

  • Always wash your hands after you finish.

That’s it! When you do it once, it will become the easiest task!

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