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Baby's Scrapbook: Nice Memories to Keep!

You won’t realize as a parent how fast your baby will grow and time will pass. With some determination you can keep those memories and commemorate those days by creating your baby’s scrapbook.

There are several scrapbook formats in the market that you can purchase from any library. You can also create your own baby scrapbook, decorate it and sticks photos of your baby on the pages with a little note under each photo. For a personal touch, you can attach the ultrasound pictures, the hospital tag, keep a string of hair from his first haircut, and even stamp his footprints and handprints!

Making memories by creating a journal that details your entire baby’s development and save each little action would be a lovely souvenir to share when your child is a grown up. Few minutes every day can preserve lots of memories to cherish and value.

It is a unique gift to offer to your child when he becomes a grown up!

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