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Baby Reflexes Types

Do you know that your baby is born with different innate reflexes? Those reflexes are movements performed unconsciously and will transform into conscious reflexes after 3 months.

Your baby’s pediatrician usually tests these reflexes to measure the level of maturity and check the good functioning of your baby’s nervous system. You can perform some of these tests at home and the others are better performed by a doctor. Some of these reflexes are:

  • Suction reflex: This is one of the main reflexes your baby has. It helps him to identify the nipple and start breastfeeding. If you try to caress the baby’s cheek he will turn his head towards your hand with an open mouth.

  • Grabbing reflex: If you put your finger in your baby’s hand he will grab it very hard to an extent that he can lift himself.

  • Automatic walk reflex: If you hold your baby under his arm and you lift him in a standing position he will perform small steps. This reflex disappears at the age of 1 month.

  • Moro’s reflex: This reflex is performed by a pediatrician only. It consists on removing suddenly your hands from under your baby’s head. He will react directly by opening his arms and hands and then take them back towards his body.

  • Posture reflex: It consists in holding your baby up near the edge of a table. When his feet touch the table he will perform a step as if he is climbing stairs. This reflex disappears at the age of 1 month.

  • Crawling reflex: If you put your baby on his tummy he will take directly the position of crawling. This reflex also disappears after the age of 1 month.

There are around 70 different reflexes; usually doctors test some of them.

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