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Baby Milestones: Your Baby and Laughter

The Angels are tickling him! A very serene phrase said every time you see a newborn baby smiling. Usually babies start laughing around the age of 2 to 5 months. They develop differently from each other. Laughing is fun, but how is it triggered and why do we do it? There are not a lot of researches that discuss the topic of laughter simply because no one goes to see a doctor because he laughs and feels good!

There are many different ways to trigger laughter in babies. The most common one is the Peek-a-boo game. The baby usually wonders where his mom face has disappeared and smiles whenever it appears to him again. Sometimes, they laugh at any sudden noise as a sneeze. Light and music can also trigger laughter in babies. Some moderate tickling would stimulate laughter but don’t overdo it. It might become irritating and your baby will start twisting and struggling to get away.

An old proverb says “Laughter is the best medicine” and in fact it is good for every baby and child to express their feelings. Babies have no worries. They do laugh much more than adults. Some laugh more than others but this does not mean that something wrong is going on. It is just what exists in their surroundings and makes them laugh. A baby might not find amusing something that you feel funny. Do not push or force your baby to laugh. It might become stressful.

The more charming thing than seeing a baby smiling is to hear him laughing. This little voice can lighten your day and makes you feel happy. There is no time or reason why a baby laughs but a simple appearance of someone he loves can trigger a smile and laughter. Enjoy the moment and keep your camcorder ready to register these memories!

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