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Baby Milestones: Walking

Starting to walk is one of the most important achievements in your baby’s life; it is the time when he’ll be leaving babyhood behind. Parents are usually concerned about teaching their babies to walk. It is true that there are things you can do to prepare your baby to walk, but generally it is just one of the milestones that come naturally.

Babies usually start walking when they’re 13 months old, but some may start walking at the age of 9 months or at the age of 16 months, for the learning process varies from one baby to another.

You should know that walking isn’t something that will suddenly happen one day, for there are some steps to pass by before walking. Your baby is probably crawling now, and after crawling he will start trying to pull himself up to stand; this usually happens at the age of 8 months. Once your baby masters the standing position, he will start to cruise the furniture and to take steps from side to side. Eventually, he will try to let go of the furniture and make a step. Encourage your baby at this stage by putting a toy on the edge of the sofa so that he can cruise the sofa and reach the toy.

Afterwards, your baby will learn how to bend his knees in order to pass from a standing position to a sitting position. This is actually harder than you might think. Encourage your baby to master this skill by putting something interesting on the floor while he’s standing so that he bends down to grab it.

Once your baby masters the standing position, cruises the furniture easily, and passes from standing to sitting, this means he is ready to make his first step, and here it’s just a matter of time.

Don’t worry if your baby is one year old and isn’t walking yet; as said above some babies don’t walk until they’re 16 months old. As long as your baby is learning new things you don’t have to be too concerned. You don’t have to push your baby too hard, just have fun enjoying the process while you teach your baby to walk!

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