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Babies and Drinking Tea

You might often hear that tea can soothe colicky babies, but when can you start giving your baby tea, and how much tea are you allowed to give him? Does Tea soothe the baby and what are the effects on him?

As long as your baby is 6 months old, you can occasionally offer him unsweetened herbal tea. These teas contain herbs such us chamomile, caraway, fennel and dill, that are said to ease digestion. It might help to soothe the colics and aid your baby to relax. Stay away from unnatural tea.

Remember that until your baby is 6 months old, all he needs is breast milk or formula milk. So no tea is allowed before the age of 6 months! You might be tempted to give your baby tea when he seems to be colicky even before the age of 6 months, but don’t do it because it won’t soothe the colic, but will only harm your baby. Inform your family members not to administer any fluid to your baby other than milk.

The important thing you should pay attention to is that the tea you’re giving to your baby isn’t sweetened, since sugar could damage your baby’s developing teeth!

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