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Adorable Ideas of Hairstyles for Baby Girls

Whether your girl’s hair is long or short, curly or straight, you want her to look like a princess every day! The best hairstyles for baby girls are those that are safe, easy to manage, and cute. Here you have some ideas of hairstyles for baby girls for you to choose the one that fits your daughter best.

Bob Hairstyle

It is a very popular short haircut for little girls. The length can vary from just past the ears to way down to the shoulder. It can be cut straight or angled, and it often comes with a fringe at the front. This haircut is very easy to take care of, since it just requires brushing the hair. Moreover, with Bob hairstyle, you can still put your girl’s hair up in pigtails for example.


Braids are one of the best hairstyles for baby girls. It is true that they take a bit of time, but they last longer and make your girl have a neat look, even while jumping, running, and playing. There are many types of braids, but no matter which one you choose for your girl, remember one important thing; don’t make the braid too tight.

Pony tails and pigtails

Pony tails and pigtails are all-times favorite hairstyles for baby girls, especially the ones who are very active and keep jumping and running all the day! It is very easy to make a pony tail or pigtail and they are long-lasting. Last but not least, these two hairstyles are very cute and look adorable on little girls.

Choose the hairstyle that suits your little daughter the best and let her look adorable every single day! Don’t forget the huge variety of cute accessories that you can purchase in all stores, like pins, bands, and other girly stuff.

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