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A Unique Name for Your Unique Baby

Choosing a name for your baby might be harder than it seems. The name of your baby will show how unique he is! A great idea of names is Gods or Goddesses names! Let your baby be different with a unique and unusual name. Here is a list of Gods and Goddesses baby names with their special meanings:

  • Gods Baby Names:

Alvis: The God of thunder.

Dennis: The Greek God of wine.

Elliot: means “The Lord is my God”.

Emmanuel: means “God is with us”.

Eros: The Greek God of love.

Ganesh: The Hindu God of wisdom.

Ivan: means “God is gracious”.

Marcus: The Roman God of fertility.

Neptune: The Roman God of sea.

Theodore: means “God’s gift”.

  • Goddesses Baby Names:

Aphrodite: The Greek Goddess of love.

Astrid: A fair and beautiful Goddess.

Aurora: The Roman Goddess of sunrise.

Catherine: The Greek Goddess of magic.

Celena: Goddess of the moon.

Chloris: Goddess of spring.

Grace: Goddess of nature.

Irene: The Greek Goddess of peace.

May: The Roman Goddess of earth.

Thalia: Goddess of beauty and charm.

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