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Yara Bsaibes

Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist

Yara is a Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist based in France. She has 10 years of experience. She worked in psychology departments in several institutions in Lebanon and France with children, adults and families from different cultures who have experienced difficult times in their life such as separations, unexpected losses, illnesses, abuse, wars etc..


She received her master’s degree in professional psychology and psychopathology from Saint-Joseph University. She got her research Professional Master’s degree in psychoanalysis and interdisciplinarity from Paris-Diderot University. 


Actually she is following a training in family and group therapy at "Société de Thérapie Familiale Psychanalytique d’Ile-de-France" in Paris. She is recognized as a psychologist and psychotherapist by the regional health agency in France (ARS).



She participated in several TV interviews in which she talked about several psychological topics such as domestic violence, child abuse, emotional intelligence and criminal behavior and other topics. She collaborated in newspaper’s publications with journalists about many psychological topics.  

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