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Walaa Aitah

Kids Mental Math Trainer & Certified Professional Parent Coach

Walaa is a mother, a kids mental math trainer and a certified professional parent coach. 

She entered the training field in 2016 and loved what she was doing After working as a Supply Chain professional for many years, her life shifting journey began as she was losing connection with her little one. She was searching for parental peace and how she can be a better version of herself as a mom. Her son was copying her behaviour and this was the silent message he subconsciously delivered to her "Mom, fix yourself, you fix me".  This message, as well as some health warning signs, pushed Walaa to look inside her again. She always prayed to be guided and find her passion and purpose in life.


Now, after she followed her passion, she is a certified professional parent coach who helps parents to regain connection with their kids by finding themselves first, then understanding their own triggers, their childhood wounds and accept them so they can end the cycle of yelling, spanking and punishments. She resigned and created her safe space to help end the cycles of hurt and chronic emotional traumas for kids and parents because we all deserve.

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