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Third Trimester of Pregnancy

Congratulations! You made it till the third trimester. You are eager now to reach the 40th week of your pregnancy and to hold your baby in your arms. During this trimester your body will go through lots of changes; you will have to bear with them and learn how to take care of them. Here is how your body changes:

  • Frequent urination: As your belly is growing, the weight puts some pressure on your bladder which makes you urinate more often. Do not decrease the water intake. Keep on drinking water as much as you can.

  • Belly size: Your belly is big enough to fit your baby. Your baby weight can reach 4 to 5kgs and his height can reach 54cm. Some stretch marks may appear at this time.

  • Back pain: The relaxin hormone that loosens the muscles, and your belly size, are putting some stress on your back joints which aggravate your back pain. You should always support your back while sitting or sleeping.

  • Hair: The increased circulation and pregnancy hormones play a big role in growing hair at a faster rate in your arms, legs, belly and face. Don’t worry; most of this hair disappears after delivery.

  • Increased temperature: You will feel that you are a walking heater. During the 3rd trimester, your baby’s temperature continues to grow which will affect yours as well as your growing metabolism. You can treat this overheat by wearing cotton clothes, taking cool showers, keeping the AC on if possible and drinking a lot of water.

  • Swelling: You may notice some swelling around your ankles, fingers and hands. This is called edema and it’s due to water retention. Avoid standing for long hours, elevate your legs when you sit, wear comfortable shoes and avoid elastic socks. If you notice sudden swellings, contact your doctor immediately. It may be a preeclampsia which will put you and your baby in danger.

  • Hemorrhoids: The pressure of the baby on the veins will cause hemorrhoids or aggravate them. Try to avoid constipation and standing for long hours.

  • Itchy skin: Your skin may become dry and itchy especially o the abdomen.

  • Fatigue: You may feel fatigue most of the times. Rising from your couch may look like a whole exercise for you. Try to do small exercises as yoga, walking and swimming.

  • Pre- contractions: You may start feeling false contractions called Braxton – Hicks contractions. These contractions prepare your body for labor and are irregular. You will differentiate them from real contractions since real ones are regular, the pain starts from the back and moves to the bottom of your belly and intensifies when moving.

During this trimester your baby will gain 1.8kg and you will gain 3kg mostly from water retention, placenta and amniotic fluid. Lots of changes happen during this trimester. Enjoy it and prepare yourself for the delivery.

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