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Second Trimester of Pregnancy

This is the best part of your pregnancy. Your placenta took over the hormonal production. Your pregnancy symptoms disappear and you will feel more positive. Your body shape shows your pregnancy and you feel you are glowing and full of energy.

During this trimester you will perform an ultrasound which shows you your baby. You can see him clearly. Your doctor may prescribe an amniocentesis test if you are above 35 years old or if you have a family history of congenital malformation. Your Doctor will measure your blood pressure and your weight. You will gain 6kg during this trimester from which 1 kg represents the baby and the others kilograms are made from the placenta, amniotic fluid, fat, blood volume and your breasts.

During this trimester, your nipples might start leaking colostrum, the line on your tummy becomes darker called “linea nigra” and indigestion starts due to muscle loosening. You will feel heart burns and you may suffer from constipation.

You should continue your healthy diet, take your vitamins and drink lots of fluids. Don’t stop your exercise since it will reduce your back pain. Try to avoid high heels and sit straight all the time.

Enjoy this trimester and start planning with your partner your baby’s room.

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