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Pregnancy Stages: Week 41

  • Your baby:

Your baby continues to grow progressively and reaches around 4kg. For his safety, your doctor will explain to you the benefit and technique of inducing labor if the baby is not born yet. Babies at this stage can be born with a dry skin and overweight. Infection inside the uterus might happen and lead to stillbirth. Stillbirth increases after week 41. Researchers don’t know its cause but mainly link it to the placenta decrease in supplying oxygen and nutrients to the baby.

  • Your body:

At this stage you will feel a slowdown in your baby’s activities due to its size and the little space he has to move around. Your cervix starts to dilate and gets thinner. You may notice a pinkish mucous discharge from the vagina due to the cervix opening. You will experience more frequent urination due to the baby’s weight pressure on your bladder. Continue practicing Kegel exercise to strengthen your pelvic muscles. Hemorrhoids become painful due to the pressure on your rectum. Keep on having warm baths for 15 to 20 min every day to ease and comfort the pain. Your obstetrician will examine you every 2 days and will perform an ultrasound to check the baby’s status, amniotic liquid volume and the heart beats. He will measure your blood pressure, test your urine for protein and carry a vaginal examination to check the cervix status.

Don’t sit while waiting for your baby. Try to plan your day. It is the best time to prepare food and stock it in the freezer. When the baby comes you will not have time to cook and it will be very handy just to unfreeze and prepare your meals. Go out with your partner but don’t go too far. Stay in a close distance to the hospital. Rest and try to have some good night sleep or a nap. Try to walk everyday for 10 to 15 min; it would help to initiate labor.

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