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Pregnancy Stages: Week 34

  • Your baby:

Your baby now is almost 2 kg and measures 46cm. His lungs are mature and can survive outside your womb. Don’t worry about preterm labor because your baby is able to breathe alone with no major problems. During this week your baby makes a move and shifts to your pelvis, preparing for birth. If you are having a baby boy, his testicles will start migrating to the scrotum. Lots of babies are born with un-descendant testicles. Don’t worry; they usually head off after birth, during the first year. Most of the lanugo has disappeared and fat is still developing under his skin.

  • Your body:

By this week, your body is probably tired due to the numerous visits to the bathroom and the sleepless nights. Your baby is growing and pushing more on your lungs creating short breath and heartburns. The abdominal muscles are stretched out. You will also notice itchy and red spots on your belly. Use creams to moisturize your skin and ease the itchy sensation. You can wipe your tummy with rose water. It will give you a refreshing sensation. As you are getting near the final stages, your breasts will start leaking colostrum, a yellow substance that provides nutrients to the baby when he is born. You can use bra pads to absorb this leakage and keep you dry. Hemorrhoids are more frequent due to the weight of the baby. Continue exercising and drink lots of water.

During this week, discuss with your doctor the delivery techniques, episiotomy and breastfeeding. You know that you can prepare your perineum and avoid episiotomy if you massage it. Your doctor should explain the signs of labor:

  • Regular intense contractions for a period of 1 hour.

  • Leakage of pinkish color from the vagina.

  • Brownish discharge.

Take advantage of your spare time and get ready with your partner to the hospital. Make a tour in the car to measure the length and the time needed to arrive to the hospital. You can also visit the maternity floor, make a tour with the midwife and get familiar with the surroundings and the staff. They will give you useful information about what to pack in your bag, what you will need during hospitalization and what will your baby need too. You can also meet the pediatrician that can explain all procedures done to the baby at birth. Consult your insurance company and make sure that all needed papers are ready.

Pregnancy is a long process of 9 months. With all the symptoms that appear, women would be always beautiful and wonderful. You will forget all these little uncomfortable symptoms when you hold in your hands your little angel. Enjoy every minute of your pregnancy!

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