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Pregnancy Stages: Week 29

  • Your baby:

Your baby is now around 1.150kg and measures around 40cm from head to toe. His lungs continue to develop and still need assistance in case of premature delivery. The layer of fats continues to develop around his skin to help him keep warm once born. His brain is developing faster and growing. During this trimester he will double or triple his weight and the space in your womb gets tighter. You will feel less those hard kicks. Your baby may be in a head down position. If he did not turn yet, there is still time for him. His head will drop in the pelvic bones preparing him for birth.

  • Your body:

This is the time to take a decision concerning breastfeeding, circumcision and to plan your delivery. It is very important to discuss all these concerns with your partner and your health care provider.

As your baby is growing it is very important to continue taking your vitamins, calcium and your folic acid. You should start counting your baby’s movements at least 2 times a day to make sure that everything is fine. Count them after having a snack and lying on your side. The amount of sugar in the blood makes your baby active. Less than 10 movements per 2 hours need a call to your practitioner. Usually there is nothing to worry about but it would be better to check.

During this final trimester, you might experience constipation. Eat lots of fruits and food rich in fibers. Hemorrhoids may appear as a result of increased pressure on the anal part. Use wipes after bowl movement and drink lots of fluids. Your stretching belly may cause itching sensation. Apply moisturizer regularly to ease the itch. Avoid eating before sleeping to minimize the heartburn sensation. Continue your exercise and discuss with your partner all childbirth contents to give him plenty of information he might need once you are in labor.

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