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Pregnancy Stages: Week 26

  • Your baby:

During this week, you baby has reached 1kg and measures around 35.5cm. His eyes which were developing until now are opened and he becomes sensible to any bright light that you place on your belly. All babies’ eyes are colored blue at this time whatever his genetics are. His brain becomes more sophisticated and developed. He inhales amniotic fluid and thus practices breathing movements. If you are having a boy, his testicles descended into his scrotum.

  • Your body:

Feeling restless and sleepy! With the leg cramps, your big belly and the multiple visits to the bathroom, pregnancy insomnia is established. There are lots of tips you can follow to be able to have a good night sleep. Try to limit your water intake before getting to bed, exercise during the day and use lots of cushions to support your belly and back which would help you to have a nice sleeping time. Your loosen joints may cause some clumsiness. Watch out when you hold something or while taking a bath. Occasional headaches may occur. Use massages techniques, yoga and meditation to help you ease the stress and reduce headaches.

Your belly is growing and pulling your muscles causing back pain. Leaning forward, carrying, sitting, or walking makes you feel worse at the end of the day. A warm relaxing bath at the end of the day relaxes your muscles and prepares you for a good night.

Your baby is growing faster and he relies on you to get the vitamins. Keep eating healthy and continue your prenatal vitamins. Eat food rich in iron and calcium.

If you have siblings at home, start picking a name with your child for the baby. It is very important to involve your child in the pregnancy and in all the preparations for the newborn baby.

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