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Pregnancy Stages: Week 25

  • Your baby:

At this week of your pregnancy stage, your baby is 35cm long and weighs around 700g. His wrinkled skin starts to get smoother due to the baby fat development. His hair is growing and you can see its color. His lungs are developing but still not ready for the first breath. His nostrils are opened. The surfactant, which is a complex lipoprotein that helps the alveoli from collapsing when breathing, is produced but its quantity isn’t enough yet to keep your baby alive. His vocal chords start to develop and get ready for his first scream. He can perform acrobatic movements and touch his feet.

  • Your Body:

You are growing in size and your hormonal levels are increasing during this phase of your pregnancy stages. Your second trimester is in the middle. Enjoy your best time for shopping and moving around. Your hair looks shinier and healthier than ever. Enjoy it while you can since most women experience hair fall after delivery. Continue exercising as swimming, doing yoga, etc. and drink plenty of water. Do not exercise if you feel dizzy, stressed out, tired or feel any pain. Your ankles can start swelling and you can start experiencing hemorrhoids. You can avoid them by drinking plenty of water and eating food rich in fibers.

Take care of your dental health. Brush your teeth twice daily and floss them every time. Your gum can become inflamed and can bleed.

Your partner might mention a snoring issue! The increased blood flow to your nose mucus membrane can cause congestion and you may start snoring. Even with the snoring issue, sleeping can become an issue by itself. Use cushions to hold your belly and always sleep on your side, better the left side, as it is the healthiest position for your baby. The blood will circulate easily into your organs replenishing your body with oxygen and nutrients.

Your stomach may get squashed between your lungs and belly. Indigestion may happen and you will experience heartburn. Try to avoid eating and sleeping. Stay away from hot and red sauces. Eat small quantities through different phases.

Try to relax and elevate your feet whenever you have time to alleviate swelling and back pain.

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