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Pregnancy Stages: Week 23

  • Your Baby:

Your baby weighs now around 450g and he is 28.9cm long. He can feel your movement and hears all external sounds as the vacuum cleaner, the phone ringtone, the music and a dog barking. He will become familiar with all these noises and they won’t upset him when he is born. By the end of this month, your baby doubles his weight and that means that you will be gaining weight also! Fat starts to deposit under his skin and he’ll become less transparent. He will be drinking the amniotic fluid and his digestive system is mature. The lanugo that covers his body becomes darker. Your baby looks like an infant now.

  • Your Body:

You will start gaining weight with your baby. Your friends and family will start commenting on your size. Keep in mind that every pregnancy develops differently from another one. Always choose comfortable shoes and stay away from high heels. Keep drinking water which helps you prevent fluid retention. You will notice a slight edema on your feet which is normal during pregnancy. An excessive swelling may be a sign of preeclampsia. Call your doctor immediately if you see your ankles, face, and hands swollen. Swelling during pregnancy may cause also some pressure on your nerves causing carpal tunnel syndrome associated with tingling sensation in your hands. You can practice some hand stretching techniques to release this sensation. You may also start having a heat rash, red palms and itchy belly! Use your oil and creams after each bath to sooth the itching sensation.

You will start getting used to the baby’s movements. Enjoy these small tiny kicks before they become harder and get into your ribs!! Stress may be dreadful during pregnancy. It is time to start some yoga classes to relief stress and learn some relaxation technique. Learn how to breathe to soothe your soul and find tranquility.

It is time to start checking for your baby’s room apparel and furniture. Enjoy shopping with your partner!

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