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Pregnancy Stages: Week 21

  • Your baby:

She weighs now around 350g and is 26cm long. You will start feeling all her movements and kicks. Her eyebrows and lids are developed now. She will taste the food you eat since she is swallowing a small amount of the amniotic fluid. Her digestive system is getting mature. You might also feel her hiccups which are repetitive and are the results of lung practice for breathing. She follows now a sleeping rhythm similar to a newborn baby about 16 to 20 hours of sleep per day.

  • Your Body:

At this pregnancy week, you’re feeling at your top these days, you’re not yet big and early pregnancy symptoms have disappeared. You have only few minor troubles to deal with. Enjoy your trimester and relax.

The extra production of oil at this pregnancy stage might produce acne. Wash your face with special soap and make sure to apply the right cream. Varicose veins are also appearing due to the pressure on your legs and the high levels of progesterone. Exercise daily and try to keep your legs high whenever possible. Stretch marks start to appear. You should start using your cocoa butter moisturizer every day to hydrate your skin and increase elasticity. Your gum might also bleed every time you brush your teeth and back aches are increasing due to the relaxin hormone. Continue to exercise and enroll in a yoga class if possible.

Sex would be an uncomfortable topic to discuss between couples during the pregnancy. While most pregnant women would have no interest in sex during the first trimester due to early pregnancy symptoms, libido will increase during the second trimester.

Start bonding with your baby. Listen to music with her. Introduce her to lullaby rhymes and soft music. You can also start making your plans for the baby room and since you know her gender you can have fun shopping for your little angel.

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