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Pregnancy Stages: Week 14

  • Your baby:

Your baby is now about 12 cm and he’s as big as a fist. He starts urinating in the amniotic fluid and small soft baby hair called “lanugo” starts covering his body. He can inhale the amniotic fluid into his lungs. His intestines are producing meconium. During this period your baby’s bones are getting harder.

  • Your body:

Pregnancy starts showing. You already have developed a dark line on your abdomen called “linea nigra”. This line will disappear after birth. You might be experiencing heart burns and indigestion but your appetite is coming back. Your uterus is still pushing on your bladder making you visit the bathroom more frequently. You may experience some abdominal pain due to the stretching of the ligaments and muscles supporting the uterus. You should continue taking your vitamins and calcium. Establish a good healthy diet and stay away from carbohydrates and sweets.

You can start shopping for your pregnancy clothes. Be careful in choosing your attire. Buy basics as jeans and T-shirts. Keep in your mind to always buy a comfortable wardrobe and the clothes should be made of cotton.

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