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First Trimester of Pregnancy

Congratulation! You are pregnant. Your body started a journey of 9 months which will encounter many physical and emotional changes. This is the first phase which shapes your baby’s first details.

Your body starts producing pregnancy hormone HCG and progesterone. This hormonal change affects your body in many ways. Early pregnancy symptoms appear as temper fluctuation, change of your appetite, tenderness feeling in your breasts and nipples, nausea, increase urination, sleepiness, heartburn and back pain.

Your body will be working 10 to 25% more rapidly. Your breasts start getting bigger, you may see veins under the skin, your nipples start to grow and get darker. Your uterus lining will get thicker so the egg can get attached to it to grow. Usually you gain around 2kg during the first trimester and only 50g of them represent the embryo weight. The rest is made up of the placenta, the amniotic liquid, the breasts, the uterus and the increase in blood volume.

During this phase, your child’s sex is determined by your partner’s sperm which contains either a male or female chromosome. The egg will get attached to the uterus in a process called implantation. The embryo heart, circulatory and nervous system are formed. If you look at your ultrasound you might see a small shape same size of a pea. This tiny pea will grow to become your little baby. Your baby starts receiving his food through the umbilical cord and the placenta. You should note that you and your baby have different circulatory systems.

It is very important to start your vitamins and especially the Folic Acid during this phase to minimize any birth defect related to the nervous system. You should follow a healthy diet and start looking for comfortable clothes.

You will meet your doctor or midwife who will educate you about the pregnancy process. Ask them all needed questions to eliminate your fears. Discuss all changes with your partner, be patient and talk about your feelings which will strengthen your relationship with him.

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