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Pascale Daher

Certified Professional Parenting Coach

Pascale is a mother, a teacher, and a certified professional Coach specializing in Peaceful Parenting and Relationship Coaching as well as Mindfulness and Wellbeing.


After her MBA, Pascale spent 9 years holding different roles at Google. During that period, she worked to climb the corporate ladder, lead and coach a team while handling a toddler and a difficult pregnancy, constantly struggling to stay afloat. The circumstances pushed Pascale to develop her skills and seek fulfillment, leading her to discover the power of coaching and mindfulness.

Pascale is passionate about teaching parents and leaving a positive impact that will ripple through the community. She works with parents struggling with their young children, with an approach to lead the parent to explore their own triggers, understand their children’s needs, and learn to be intentional in responses to create positive, healthy relationships.

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