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Mission Driven NFT

Art can be a strong catalyst for raising awareness to significant topics that are marginalized. We have chosen the NFT art platform to communicate our cause

"Menstrual Awareness for Teens

across the Arab world".

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Our Artists


Through her artwork, Maha tries to gain a deeper understanding of herself while attempting to engage issues of culture and identity. Her curiosity centers around how a woman’s upbringing affects identity and self-worth.

Maha's projects have been displayed in numerous exhibitions in New York City and London, as well as the UAE and Kuwait. Magazines such as Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Marie Claire and Rolling Stone have featured her work.

In 2019 , Maha published her first photo book,“ Women of Kuwait”, which was then acquired by the Getty Research Institute and The Thomas J. Watson Library at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Instagram @mahaalasaker

Maha AlAsaker
A visual artist from Kuwait. 

Hussein Alazaat 2020 High Res By Mohammad Hammad.jpg

Hussein Alazaat is an Arabic calligraphy artist, instructor, multidisciplinary designer, and typography enthusiast from Jordan.


He founded ALAZAAT Design Studio, located in Amman. Nevertheless, Alazaat was able to fulfill his vision of offering his services to various clients and industries worldwide, Alazaat didn’t stop there, he continued to establish his platform ELHARF; an online platform and cultural space that is home to the visual arts, a variety of learning experiences, and the celebration of the true Arabian identity.

Instagram: @hussein_alazaat

twitter: @alazaat  

FB: @alazaat

Hussein AlAzaat
A multidisciplinary designer from Jordan 


Nour Tohmé is a Lebanese illustrator, multi-disciplinary artist, and experience designer. She is the creator of Draw Me a Song, an award-winning art project exploring the fusion between music, pop culture, visual arts, and feminine empowerment.


Her work focuses on using art and creativity as tools for social change, and exploring the connections between art and holistic activism. 



Instagram accounts: @nourslabyrinth @drawmeasong

Nour Tohme
An Illustrator from Lebanon 

Elias -  ID.jpg

Elias lives between Beirut and Berlin. He works as a photographer and videographer on film sets, among others.

In 2010, he had his first solo exhibition of street photographs, Rust Never Sleeps, at the French Cultural Centre in Byblos. 

Since 2011, he has participated in numerous group exhibitions at Art on 56th, and also with the Beirut Center of Photography. 

He has devoted a great deal of time to his first feature-length documentary film, constantly under production. 

The past is a recurring theme in his work, as seen in the 2018 exhibition The Wondrous Probable Life of Mr H where he devised a historical fiction based on old photographs. His work is published in numerous local newspapers, magazines, books and book covers.

IG: @eliasmbk     


Elias Moubarak
A Photographer & Videographer from Lebanon 

Yara Lahoud.jpeg

Yara Lahoud journeys by storytelling through scriptwriting and film directing. She advocates for human rights, and peace in times of conflict, in addition to women's empowerment through her films and creative projects.


Yara collaborated with production companies and national filmmakers on a variety of projects, including short films, documentaries, and series. She also works as a screenwriter for various platforms and has written two short films, one of which received an award for Best Narrative.
She was in charge of numerous health awareness sessions held in schools, initiatives, and workshops where she implemented her creativity into the execution of the session.​

Instagram: Yara.lahoud

Facebook: Yara Lahoud

Yara Lahoud
A Producer from Lebanon 

Our Partners


Curated by

Option 3 [High].jpg

Azza ElHassan

Elhassan is a strategist, cultural consultant and advocate for culture and arts with over 10 years of professional experience in culturally driven nonprofits as well as private institutions. With interest in technology, social behaviors and research she is the Knowledge Director and Co-Founder of Silverline.


Azza has worked with a variety of creatives in conceptualization and development of creative works across the creative industries with the British Council and Nuqat. During her time with the Contemporary Art Platform in Kuwait, her operational and some curatorial support has been extended to materialize Hani Zurob’s Zeft exhibition (2017), Ghada Al Kandari’s Until (2017), Jad ElKhoury’s Road to Black (2017) and Taghreed Darghouth’s Ain’t Nowhere to Hide (2017). 


Azza’s first curatorial debut is Toofoola’s Mission Driven NFT Auction; originating from a socially conscious incentive the work aims to empower artists and charitable organizations to visualize and create tangible impact on period poverty and the menstrual experience.

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