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Did you know that the month of August is the Children's Eye Health and Safety Month?

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Intellectually Gifted Children in Lebanon: Interview with Mrs. Roula Anabelle Laffee Abi Nader

Interview with Mrs. Roula Anabelle, president of the Lebanese Association for Intellectually Gifted Children.

What is the Lebanese Association for Intellectually Gifted Children?

The Lebanese Association for Intellectually Gifted Children (Association Libanaise Pour Enfants Doués ALPED) was founded in May 2011 with a mission of helping parents to deal with their intellectually gifted child, and helping professionals in our society to recognize these children.


Interview about Breastfeeding Advocacy

Interview with the midwife Ms. Lamia El Hachem Assaf about some interesting facts about breastfeeding.

When should the mother take the decision whether to breastfeed her baby or no?

This decision should be taken at a very early stage: at the beginning of the conception as a minimum. In fact, the importance of breastfeeding should be a part of every woman’s culture since her very young age.


Diddly Doo: The Trendiest Children & Family Spot

Interview with Mrs. Joyce Cherabieh, the owner of Diddly Doo, the trendiest playing center in Broumana-Lebanon.

Is Diddly Doo a place for kids from a specific age or there are activities for all ages?

Kids from 8 months till 12 years old can come and play at Diddly Doo. The smallest babies can play at our playground that includes balls tub, slides, etc.


Separation: From Home to the Nursery

Interview with Ms. Hoda Zeidan, Clinical Psychologist.

Why do kids cry when left alone at the nursery?

Left alone isn’t really what happens, because in reality kids are not alone in the nursery. They are distributed into groups, but the lack of familiar figures who usually give the feeling of security and safety to them, makes the kids feel alone, and even abandoned.


Star Kids Nursery

Interview with Mrs. Diana Najjar, owner of Star Kids Nursery.

What are the criteria that a person should have besides his diploma to work in a nursery with kids?

What we find important besides the diploma is the experience. It really helps when the teacher has experience to deal with children. She must love and enjoy working with them, because you can get a diploma and not know how to deal with a child.


Kids and Skiing

Interview with Jean-Pierre Abi Nakhle, a Lebanese ski instructor who trains kids and adults at Group Z Ski School at Faraya-Kfardebian and gives private lessons.

At what age a child can start learning how to ski?

At the age of 4 years old, any child can start to take lessons and learn how to ski.


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