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Who's Santa Claus?

When your kids will be ready to give up believing in Santa Claus, it will be nice to tell them about the origin of this myth.

In fact, the name “Santa Claus” comes from the Dutch “Sinter Klaas” which was a form of Saint Nicholas. So, our Santa Claus’s origin is the Christian Saint Nicholas who was the bishop of Myra. The legends say that Nicholas was a great man who used to distribute gifts to the poor at night through their windows. We also say that he has saved a city from famine!

People celebrated the Feast of St. Nicholas on December 6 and believed that the bishop himself will come from heaven and visit children in their homes and give gifts to those who have been good. After the reformations of the sixteenth century, the Feast of St. Nicholas was abolished in many countries that encouraged bringing gifts to kids on Christmas Eve.

From here comes this myth where Santa comes on Christmas Eve and brings gifts for kids!

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