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Toys for Your Newborn Baby

Toys are not just for fun; toys are very important for boosting your baby’s development and stimulating his/her five senses; this is why it is crucial for your baby to have toys starting from his/her very first days of life!

What toys to choose for newborn babies?

In the first months of your baby’s life, his/her eyes are the least developed sense. So, as your baby’s vision will be fuzzy, he/she will mostly appreciate things that are about 8 to 14 inches from his/her eyes with high contrast patterns and bright colors that are the easiest to see. Moreover, objects that move slowly and produce a gentle sound are much better than those that are fixed and silent.

Some nice toys to buy for your newborn baby:

  • Hand-held toys are a good idea! Your baby might not be able to hold them at the beginning, but he/she will definitely appreciate anything that you’ll move in front of his/her eyes.

  • Mobiles are babies’ favorites! Look for one with high contrast colors and that plays music, and attach it to the crib rail keeping it out of your baby’s reach.

  • An unbreakable mirror is a very cute toy! It is true that your baby won’t realize that it’s him/her in the mirror, but he/she will find the reflection fascinating and fun. So fasten an unbreakable mirror to the side of the crib, or hang one near to the changing table, and see how your baby will begin to smile to himself/herself in the mirror at the age of 3 months.

  • Your baby’s first book is one of the most important toys to buy! It must be first of all soft, and should contain easy-to-see patterns so that you can lie down next to your baby making him/her watch you turn the pages and listen to the story you’re telling.

  • The toys that make sounds are amazing! These soft little toys shaped like animals, flowers and other geometrical shapes that trill or tweet when pressed, will make your baby laugh! And the accidental squeaks will make him/her be aware of what his/her hand is doing.

  • Rattles are the funniest! Attach a rattle that makes sounds to your baby’s hand, or buy him/her socks with built-in rattles, and let him/her be entertained by the sounds he/she is making.

  • Wind chimes that provide soft music are ideal to hang over the crib, so your baby gets used to watch it, listen to its soft music, and calmly fall asleep!

Enjoy every moment of your baby’s first months; you won’t believe how fast they grow up!

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