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Toddler’s Development: Parent’s Role

When your child is going through the toddler’s developmental milestone, you will have an important role to play as a parent. Encouragement and guidance are the main tasks to help him shape and develop his personality. Here are some tips that would give you ideas to help your child widen his knowledge and gain experience:

  • Always encourage your child to do his stuff by himself. Don’t rush and help him quickly, let him try and whether he succeeds or not show him how much you are proud because he tried.

  • Play with your toddler. You can use anything in your surroundings at any time to create a game. Just name things in his environment, find forms and objects nearby to teach him color and shapes and keep reading for him. Encourage your toddler to draw and color and let him discover the colors.

  • Keep an eye on your toddler when he starts discovering his surroundings. Stay next to him and teach him to stay away from any harmful situation or object. Take him for trips to discover the nature, the zoo, the beach, etc.

  • Make your house child safe. Cover all electrical plugs, install a gate or fence on stairs, pools and any inside heaters, keep sharp objects away, lock medicines and detergents products away and never leave your child unattended at home and in the car.

As parents, our mission is to guide our children through their development phases without interfering in their personalities.

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