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The Right Toys for Every Age

Your baby will grow up so fast that you won’t realize how quickly he/she will be changing. From a newborn baby who can barely see clearly, your baby will soon begin to do more and more things that he/she could not do before. He/she will be able to sit alone for long periods of time; he/she will crawl, pick up and hold objects; and little by little, he/she will understand you more and more! This is why when your baby is growing up, his/her toys change too.

For babies, playing is about more than entertainment, it’s their primary means of learning and developing. It is very important then, to give your baby the right toys that will help him/her develop faster!

The best developmental toys are the stacking ones that include nesting cups, stacking rings and soft building blocks. These toys are very educational as they can be used for color and size recognition activities and for improving your baby’s motor skills. Activity tables can also be a great toy for your baby; they will teach him/her letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and sounds.

When you choose toys for your baby, no matter which toys you will buy, the important thing is to consider well the safety aspects of anything your baby will play with. Here are some tips for a safe playtime:

  • Until your baby is 3, toys parts should be bigger than his/her mouth to avoid the possibility of chocking.

  • Check the paint on the toy and make sure it is non-toxic, since babies put everything in their mouths.

  • Avoid toys with sharp points, rough edges, and rust or broken parts.

  • Pay attention to the “recommended age” sticker on the toys you’re buying; it’s your starting point in the selection process.

  • Watch out from heavy toys; make sure your baby won’t be harmed if the toy fell on him/her.

  • Avoid toys with long cords that could wind around your baby’s neck.

Let your baby discover the world with the right and safe toys!

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