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The Pacifier: Good or Bad?

Pacifiers are particularly powerful soothers as they allow your child to suckle, an activity they find very calming. Sucking is a very natural activity for a baby; so don’t worry if your baby gets attached to the pacifier, of course for a certain period of time. Though, there are some important tips you have to know about how to deal with the pacifier and how to say goodbye to it:

  • Avoid grandma’s habit to dip the pacifier in sugary solutions like jams or honey to make the baby stop crying! It is dangerous for their teeth!

  • Even if sometimes the pacifier seems to be a solution to stop your baby from crying, never force your baby to take it when he cries!

  • Do not ever clean the pacifier putting it in your mouth, for you can transmit germs to your baby! You can soak it in boiling water for about 5mn and use it again.

  • When the time comes to break the pacifier habit and your baby is particularly attached to it, the best solution is making it undesirable by dipping it for example in a cup of strong black coffee and leaving it for the baby to find. The strong taste will definitely make him spit it out immediately!

  • Remember that the most important is to show your baby that you’re throwing the pacifier with his agreement!

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