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The First Tooth Appeared? Celebrate

Your baby is being very fussy? He’s biting and gnawing anything he can get his mouth around? He’s not sleeping well and has a low-grade fever? Don’t panic! Most probably it’s his first tooth appearing!

The timing of when your baby’s first tooth appears can vary. The average age for getting the first tooth is 6 months, but this fact doesn’t exclude cases when babies don’t get their first tooth until they are 14 or 15 months, or cases when babies can already have it at the age of 3 months!

The symptoms of teething also aren’t the same for all babies; for one baby cutting a tooth might happen overnight without pain, while another baby might have to go through a long painful experience. One more time, don’t panic! There are several ways you can use to make your baby get some relief. Teething rings, water filled and chilled rubber teething toys can all provide counter pressure that sometimes brings relief. Eating cold foods like applesauce or yogurt can also help to ease the pain of teething. And if this doesn’t help a pain relief gel might be also an option, but don’t forget to ask the doctor before trying it.

Last but not least, remember that your baby’s first tooth appearance is a celebration! Celebrate this occasion with your family and friends, take plenty of photos, and don’t forget to prepare the famous SNAYNIEH!

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