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The Best Shoes for my Baby

There is a time when your child performs his first step. It would be a great day for you and for your child. At this time, your child needs real shoes to support his feet. It is still very important to leave your child barefoot indoor. It will help to build his muscles and strengthen them.

Here are some tips to buy a new pair of shoes for your baby:

  • Shop for shoes later in the day. Usually baby’s feet expand 5% by the end of the day.

  • Choose breathable shoes that eliminate sweat.

  • The baby shoes should be light.

  • Check the soles. They should be made of flexible gripping material to avoid slipping.

  • Check the size of your baby’s foot every time you buy a new pair. Let him stand up and squeeze your pinky between the heel and the shoe. If there is enough room for your finger then the shoe size is correct. Press down on the shoe and check if there is space between your baby’s toes and the edge.

Mainly in all children’s shoes stores you will find someone to help you measure the size of your baby’s foot. Keep in mind that your baby is growing very fast and you might need a monthly visit to the store to check his foot size and get him the right pair of shoes.

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