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Sore Breasts During Pregnancy

This tenderness is related to hormonal changes that increase blood flow and causes a change in the breast tissue.

Starting from the second month, your breasts start getting bigger, you may see veins under the skin, your nipples start to grow and get darker. All these changes prepare your breasts for nursing your baby.

In some cases, you may see some stretch marks forming along your breast skin. You will also notice tiny bumps called “Montgomery’s tubercles” forming around the areola. Their role is to provide an oily substance that keeps the areola and nipples lubricated and protected.

Towards the third month, your breasts start producing “Colostrum”. It is a yellowish substance that contains lots of protein and antibodies to protect the baby against disease. You may encounter some leaks at any time of your pregnancy. Just add a pad to your bra to protect your clothes.

At a later stage of pregnancy, your breasts become sore as they are getting ready to provide milk to your baby.

Luckily, there are many ways to soothe sore breasts during pregnancy:

  • Wear a good fitting bra that is not too tight. You may have to buy different sizes since your breasts will be growing gradually during pregnancy.

  • Wear a sleeping comfortable bra.

  • Avoid cold temperatures.

  • Massage your breast after your bath with a cream or lotion that contains cocoa butter, herbs or mango butter.

  • Finally you can use one of our grandma advices. Just apply a cabbage leaf on your breasts. This is as simple as it is. Cabbage helps to soothe sore breasts. You can use this method when breastfeeding.

Take care of your breasts during pregnancy and enjoy every stage. They are the main source of nutrition for your baby and they provide the ideal nutrients that your newborn baby needs. Contact your doctor in case of major pain or if there is a problem of any sort as inverted nipples, mastitis, presence of a mass, or bump.

Have a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy!

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