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Singing to Your Baby

There is nothing more settling for a baby than the voice of his Mom or Dad, and singing has a natural soothing effect for babies and children. This helps when putting the baby to sleep and is calming and soothing when the baby is hurt or frightened.

The song also does not have to be complex, and you do not have to be a good singer! Your child will love you singing to them, even if you feel you are completely tone deaf. You can sing any old nursery rhymes or songs, and you can even make up your own songs.

For example, if you happen to be giving them a shower, you could sing:

The water is splashing down, splashing down…

Washing my arms Washing my legs Washing my tummy and my whole body …………..

You can sing this to just about any tune you like – it really doesn’t matter too much! You can of course repeat every line as many times as you like.

Just have fun, and your baby will have fun too!

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