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Pack Your Beach Bag

Enjoying the beach and playing in the water is much more fun than the preparation process. In fact, packing a beach bag for you and for your kids is not as easy as it seems. Our list of things to bring to the beach will help you not to forget anything.

Here is the stuff you’ll need:

  • Beach towels; each one of you will need two, one to sit on and another to dry yourself with.

  • Sunscreen and hats for everyone.

  • First aid kit including band-aids, bug spray, soothing scrape-spray, etc.

  • Sand toys like pails and shovels and floats for the kids.

  • Lip balm to not expose your lips to the sun.

  • Camera.

  • Things that will help you not to get bored, like a magazine, a books, or an iPod.

  • Extra plastic bags for wet clothes or trash.

  • Water and snacks if allowed (fruit is a good option because it also helps you to stay hydrated).

  • An extra set of clothes and extra diapers in case your kids still wear them.

Remember that your beach bag should be big enough to fit all these items. While buying a beach bag, consider as well that it should be durable and sturdy!

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