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Must Do List Before Having Kids

In a married couple’s life, a baby’s arrival is probably the most joyful event ever; it’s when the couple turns into a family! We all hear that with the arrival of a baby to the house, the couple’s life will completely change. Well, it is true that your life will change, but it isn’t true that it will end like some people think. You will sleep again, you will bond with your partner again, you will read other than parenting books again, you will go out with your friends again, etc. However you should know that there is a list of things you must do before having kids. Here you go:

  • Get rid of the unresolved issues: every couple faces several issues in their lives; most of them think that these issues will disappear with the arrival of a baby to the house, since they will be focusing on raising him. However, leaving some issues unresolved isn’t the best decision, since those issues can resurface later on and will put your family at risk. That’s why it is essential to handle all your unresolved issues as a couple before becoming parents.

  • Sleep, sleep, and sleep: never feel guilty for those sleeping hours you can allow to yourself during the weekends. You will know their importance the moment your baby comes, since you won’t have any peaceful nights at least for the first three months after giving birth.

  • Hang out with friends who don’t have children yet: when you have kids and your friends don’t, you go from having everything in common to having practically nothing in common. Your interests will become different and you won’t have much time for those hanging out times together.

  • Hang out with some parents: other than hanging out with your friends who don’t have kids, it is also important to spend time with those who have. It is even useful sometimes to offer to a friend or a relative to babysit their child just to experience the feeling. It might help you realize if you’re ready for such change.

  • Go extreme: skydiving, bungee jumping, swimming with sharks, etc. You will forget about all these once you have a baby, so go for it now and enjoy doing everything crazy you feel like doing!

  • Have lunch or dinner in restaurants: you will definitely eat when you will have kids, and you will also go to restaurants. But no doubt the places you will choose for lunch or dinner with the kids, are different from those you would like to visit while being a couple. So come on, make a list and visit them all.

  • Go for a road trip: road trips will never be the same with kids; the destination will change the music you’ll listen to will change, the stops you’ll make will be different, etc. This is why it’s your chance to go for a road trip where you’ll simply do whatever you and your partner feel like doing.

  • Spend the entire day in bed watching movies: you won’t get this chance when you’ll become parents except when you or your kids will have flu; so it won’t be that enjoyable anyway!

  • Travel: enjoy a trip to any destination you have dreamed visiting. It is a real pleasure to fly without a stroller, a car seat, and a screaming kid!

  • Take a career risk: it is time to decide what do you really want to do ; take risks now because later on when you will become parents you will need a stable work and of course a stable revenue.

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