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Make a Drum with Your Child

Does your child love music? Did you know that you can make for your child a musical instrument at home? This easy-to-make craft will let you make a drum with your child.

To make a drum you will need:

  • A big can (that can contain 2,5kg)

  • An adhesive plastic paper

  • A plastic bag

  • Tape

  • Thick rubber bands

  • A string

  • Scissors

  • A pencil

  • A ruler

  • 2 wooden skewers

  • 2 beads that fit the skewers

  • A square of felt

  • A piece of cotton

  • A hairdryer

Measure and cut the adhesive paper so that it fits the can then stick it on the can. Open the plastic bag, put it on the can, and secure it using the rubber band. Using the hairdryer extend the bag so that it becomes tight then cut the excess of the bag leaving 1cm below the rubber band. Cover the excess of the bag and the rubber band with adhesive tape. To make the drumsticks, put the bead on the skewer. Cover it with the piece of cotton then the piece of felt and fix it with the string.

The drum is ready and your child is definitely excited to start playing music on his new instrument!

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