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Let's Make Math More Fun

For many kids math is a real nightmare, and many parents just end up saying “my kid is not good at math”. There are no kids who aren’t good at math; you should simply let your kid practice it and you’ll be surprised by his fast improvement! Remember, promoting your kid’s math skills isn’t about giving him a bunch of math exercises to solve each day! Since math affects all aspects of our daily life, there are many simple ways to help your kid to improve his math skills in a very fun way. Here are some ideas:

  • Let your kid do some sorting activities. Give him for example a bowl of mixed dried beans and an egg carton, and let him sort the beans in sections.

  • Let your kid find shapes at any place he is. Ask him for example: what is the shape of this door frame? And he’ll answer you: a rectangle!

  • Let your kid check the temperature everyday at the same time for a week. Let him write the temperatures on a paper and compare them at the end of the week.

  • Let your kid help you with cooking, for cooking is all about math. For example, dividing your recipe in half or doubling it will teach your child measurements and proportions. Moreover, you can improve his multiplication skills by asking him for example: if each of the four people at the table has a knife and a fork, how many utensils do we have on the table? And he will have to multiply 4 by 2 to give you the answer 8.

  • Have your kid bounce a basketball as he says the multiples of different numbers. For example, he can practice the multiples of 2 with each bounce: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, etc.

You can see now that improving your kid’s math skills can be very fun for both of you, so forget the negative attitude that says “my kid isn’t good at math” and just have some fun helping him with that!

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