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Kids Crossing the Road

Road safety is our obsession and especially when we cross the road with our children. We do not allow our kids to cross the road alone. It is very dangerous and may lead to death. There are rules that we have to teach our kids and laws that we have to follow. Educate your kids about road safety so when time comes they will be ready to cross the road alone. Here are some few steps to follow:

  • Always look both ways when crossing the road. Look left, right than left to make sure it is safe.

  • Do not run while crossing the road. You may trip down and fall.

  • Always wait for the pedestrian signal light to turn green before crossing.

  • When you see a yellow signal on the traffic light, do not cross. It means pay attention, danger.

  • Walk on the road facing the traffic.

  • Do not ever cross a road on a curl. The driver might not see you.

  • Don’t run between parked cars and buses.

  • Always remember in school not to walk in areas where the bus driver cannot see you.

  • Always walk on the pavement and use pedestrian’s bridges if there are ones.

Kid’s safety is more important than anything else. You should not leave any child below 8 years old alone on the road. You should always hold your child’s hand while crossing the road. While walking on the street, always stand between your child and the traffic. Keep him away from the traffic lane. Make sure to teach your child all safety tips. Have a nice journey!

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