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Kids and Reading Books

Reading is one of the most important activities that kids should do and should get used to since their very early age! You might think that it will be difficult to make your child love reading but you should know that it’s not difficult at all since children are born with an amazing amount of curiosity that makes them want to learn a lot!

Here are some important tips for you to follow in order to encourage your child to read and make him love this activity:

1. Start reading aloud to your children on a daily basis when they are still babies and keep reading to them when they will be in elementary school and even later. Moreover, when your child becomes an independent reader continue to read to him aloud and give him also the time to read aloud to you.

2. Take your children to the library once a week and don’t let them feel that a library is a place of dead-silence with a bat-like librarian sitting in the background! In fact, libraries are very important for the following reasons:

  • They have any kind of book you could possibly desire; whether it’s a fantasy, a science fiction, a romance or a horror book, you can find them all!

  • Borrowing books from the library is cheaper than buying books.

  • Going to the library is by itself an activity! Besides, most of the libraries have movie rental, games, computers, and they also organize several events.

In addition to this, you can push your child to love reading and going to the library by getting him a library card. For a child, getting a library card is a proud moment that gives him a big-kid sense of ownership and an extra incentive to make a return visit to the library.

3. Always discuss with your children the books they are reading in school and the ones they read at home.

4. Make sure that you have a comfortable place at home where your child can read without being distracted by the TV or other family members. Remember that good lighting is as important as comfortable seating.

Reading is the most beneficial activity for your kid, and his love for books will last forever in case he got used to it since an early age. Remember, the best thing that will encourage your child to read is seeing people around him reading. Whether you were reading a magazine, a newspaper or some information on the computer, if your child sees you reading when he’s at an early age, he will definitely imitate you!

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