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How to Keep Your Child’s Feet Clean During Summer

School is finished as well as the winter season. No more boots and socks to wear. Your kids will choose to wear sandals, flip flops and open shoes during summer time. This means dirty, stinky toes and feet. Here are some tips to keep your child’s feet clean during the summer:

  • Wash daily your child’s feet as soon as he comes home and finishes his playing. Soak your child’s feet in warm water with soap for about 5mn. Wash thoroughly with a cloth and wash with water. Dry very well especially between the toes.

  • Clean the nails. Check your child’s toes nails and trim them if needed. Remove the dirt from the top of the nail.

  • Moisturize your child’s feet. If your child has dry feet you can massage them with a moisturizer or use olive oil.

  • Leave your child without socks or shoes for some time so his feet can air out.

  • Wash your child’s shoes and put them outside to dry. Dirty shoes can cause infections, fungus and contribute to smelly feet.

  • Check your child’s feet for any redness or fungus signs. Ask your doctor for advice in case you suspect an infection. He might prescribe an anti-fungal cream.

  • Buy shoes that allow air to penetrate into your child’s feet. This would reduce sweating and infections.

  • Make your child wear cotton socks to absorb humidity and protect his feet from any friction.

  • Throw away dirty broken shoes. Pebbles and sand can go in and injure your child’s feet.

Summer season is here and you cannot hold your child from going outside and playing. Taking care of his feet is a must to protect him from infection and fungus. Teach your child how to take care of his feet and how to keep his shoes clean.

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