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How to Keep Kids Cool in the Summer

Summer is here and the temperature is rising outside going to its maximum during mid day. How to keep kids cool? Electrical power is lost and generators are working in their full power to keep our ACs on to provide cool climate inside the house. So how to keep ourselves and our kids cool while saving money and the environment! Here are some tips that you can use to cool your summer:

  • Make your kids wear short sleeved, cotton clothes made from light colors. Insist on wearing a hat when playing outside.

  • Apply sunscreen whenever your kids are outside to protect them from sunburns and harmful rays.

  • Offer always cool water to your kids. Make sure that they are drinking plenty of fluid especially during hot days.

  • Keep blinds closed during the day to prevent solar rays and heat from getting inside the house.

  • Open your windows at night to let cool air enter the house.

  • Cover your sofas with white cotton sheets to keep them fresh while sitting on.

  • Install a fan in each room to cool down the temperature. Make sure that kids cannot reach it.

  • Use a dehumidifier; it would help to reduce humidity in your house.

  • Turn off heat producing devices as bulbs, oven, dishwasher, hairdryer, etc.

  • Keep the kids inside the house between 12 noon and 3:00pm.

  • Use cotton light sheets to cover kids at night.

  • Plant with your kids bushes on the windows to create shade.

  • Offer kids a proper snack made out of fruit, juices, ice cream cones or icy lollipop to ease thirst and heat.

Summer is great, kids wait for this season to get free from school regulations; however heat, sweat, thirst and sunburns are uncomfortable. Try to cool your house environment using those little tips to enjoy this season with your kids.

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